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Mule Deer Hunts in Alberta Canada

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2018 Mule Deer Hunt With Willow Creek Outfitters
Here is a great opportunity to hunt for that trophy mule deer you have been looking for!
This hunt takes place during our five week rifle hunting season from the last week of October through the end of November. We start by hunting mule deer in pre-rut bachelor groups and continue hunting all stages of the rut. The terrain in our hunting area is quite diverse, consisting of timbered ridges, long willow draws and rolling grassy hills. This will be a spot & stalk hunt where the majority of hunting is done on foot or possibly by horseback. Mule deer have flourished in this foothill region due to fairly mild winter conditions and the presence of a drawing system for resident hunters. With a limited amount of tags issued, this has allowed these bucks to mature to trophy quality giving us an opportunity to be selective in which bucks we harvest.

Our success rate for this hunt is very high. In past seasons we have been 100% on opportunity with bucks taken that average in the high 160's. About 15% of our rifle mule deer hunters will harvest a buck that will gross over 180". For those who can remain patient in their pursuit of a trophy mule deer, the odds of connecting are excellent!
We guarantee our tags and no draws are required!

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We are now in our 18th season of providing quality, fair chase mule deer hunts and what a season it has been!

2018 Mule Deer Hunts

Mule Deer Bowhunting with Willow Creek Outfitters in Alberta Canada
archery mule deer hunts in Alberta Canada
mule deer bowhunts alberta
Mule Deer Bowhunting with Willow Creek Outfitters in Alberta Canada
archery mule deer hunts in Alberta Canada
mule deer bowhunts alberta
mule deer bow hunting in Alberta
alberta mule deer bowhunting
alberta mule deer bowhunting

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2018 Hunt Report

hunt trophy mule deer in Alberta Canada
The past year of 2018 marked the 18th season that we have been offering fair chase hunts in Alberta. The years seem to go by so quickly and this year was no different. We had many return clients and a number of new ones, a perfect balance. It is always nice to meet new clients as well as strengthen the relationships with the returning ones.

For the opening week of rifle season we had Francois St. Louis and his friend Serge Girard come for mule deer. This was Francois’ fifth hunt with us. Both harvested nice bucks within the first two days of their hunt. Dean Capuano and Tom Hogan of Swarovski brought up Ron Spomer and Gordy Krahn who both have hunted here a number of times in the past. At the end of the week they had harvested three mule deer and a couple of whitetail. Russell Coleman from Australia returned again and took a nice whitetail and mule deer. Other successful mule deer hunters were Dave Dibblee and Troy Kalnoski.

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