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Archery Mule Deer Bow Hunts in Alberta Canada

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mule deer bowhunting in alberta canada
2018 Mule Deer Bow Hunt With Willow Creek Outfitters
If you want to hunt record class mule deer join us on a spot & stalk archery mule deer bowhunting adventure. These challenging mule deer bow hunts are a great experience you will not forget!
Archery mule deer bow hunts take place in a mixture of agricultural crop and native grass country in the prairie and foothills of southern Alberta. Mule deer have flourished in this area because Alberta resident rifle hunters have to draw tags. Because of this management program, the habitat and mild weather, many deer are able to mature to a trophy caliber.

Archery mule deer bowhunting starts in the beginning of September and we hunt until early October. This early bowhunting season allows our archery hunters first opportunity at these undisturbed deer. Our usual bowhunting method is to wait for bucks to bed down, get the wind in our favour, and make a stalk that will get us within bow range. Average shots are between 30 - 40 yards and bow hunters will have a great opportunity at solid Pope & Young class mule deer from 150" to 190" plus range. Bucks may still be in velvet until the middle of September.

We have guaranteed tags and no draws are required!

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We are now in our 18th season of providing quality, fair chase mule deer bow hunts and what a season it has been!

2018 Mule Deer Archery Hunts

Mule Deer Bowhunting with Willow Creek Outfitters in Alberta Canada
archery mule deer hunts in Alberta Canada
mule deer bowhunts alberta
mule deer bowhunts alberta

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We spent many hours scouting during the summer to find the largest bucks in our area for our clients to hunt. The returns of this time invested resulted in our bowhunters harvesting some huge bucks!

2018 Bow Hunt Report

hunt trophy mule deer in Alberta Canada
Spot and stalk archery mule deer hunting is a challenging, adrenaline filled hunt! Once you experience it quite often a hunter will have to do it over and over again. Here in Alberta non resident hunters that book a deer hunt with us are guaranteed a tag and do not have to draw. We have quality deer due to a well managed herd and resident hunters being on draw.

In 2018 our usual repeat hunters Carl Rossi, Al Ciprano, John D’Angelo and Mitch Mitchum came up for the early season hunt in the beginning of September. Carl harvested a super old deer that had regressed in antler size making it his 7 buck in 7 years. Mitch took another great 183” buck, a dandy for sure but it will be pretty tough for him to better the 198” giant he took with us in 2016! John on his fourth consecutive hunt with us took a cool looking non typical velvet buck.

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