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Alberta Canada Coyote Hunting

Coyote Hunts in Alberta Canada

Join us on this action packed preditor hunt with no limits!

Alberta Canada coyote hunting
Winter Coyote Hunt With Willow Creek Outfitters
When most big game seasons are closed there is still a thrilling hunting opportunity to be had. These exciting coyote hunts are a great experience you will not forget!
This hunt takes place from December through March when these big Alberta coyotes have their heaviest winter fur. We will hunt prime areas in the foothills and prairies where there is an extremely dense population of these cagey predators. Using a variety of attractor calls we will lure these wary animals into shooting distance of our ambush. Most of the shooting opportunities will be at less than one hundred and fifity yards but there is a possibility of a long range shot when a coyote hangs up and cannot be quaxed into close range. Many set ups will produce multiple coyotes which greatly adds to the intensity of the hunt.

There are some essential items the coyote hunter must have to optimize his success. Full camoflage is critical to fool the sharp eyesight of the coyote. A turkey lounger works the best while sitting at each set up. This hunt is a minimum of 3 days with two hunters per guide. Having two hunter at a set up works best to cover as many angles as possible, one never really knows what direction a coyote will come from. Give your hunting partner a call and come experience the excitement of a winter coyote hunt!

Hunt Dates & Prices
We are now in our 17th season of providing quality, fair chase coyote hunts, we've seen a lot of shooting action!

Winter Coyote Hunts

Coyote hunting with Willow Creek Outfitters in Alberta Canada
coyote hunts in Alberta Canada
coyote hunts alberta

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Chinook Country Coyotes!

hunt coyotes in Alberta Canada
NANTON, ALBERTA, WAS A MESS. Fierce Chinook winds had sneaked into town during the dead of night and pillaged the sleeping community.

I subscribe to the mantra: Hunt when you can, weather be damned. But I couldn't help but think that every Nantonite coyote had been blown clear into neighboring Saskatchewan and it would take them days, if not weeks, to walk back home. As we pulled out of town, heading south along a winding reservoir, André explained that high winds were common in the Nanton area and affect hunting strategy...Great,I thought. I could feel the 3O-mph-plus wind buffet the truck as we pulled onto a gravel side road and headed to our first stand of the day... Andre laid into the rabbit distress call with the guttural growl of a chain-smoking blues singer, causing the hairs on the back of my neck to stand and applaud. I literally watched the hills come to life as coyotes began crawling out of the woodwork- nine in all! There's no doubt I'll go back to Alberta for coyotes, and Chinook winds or not, I feel assured that I'll be able to pick up where I left off; hunting one of the most coyote-rich environments I've ever had the pleasure to experience.

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