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Willow Creek Outfitters

2013 Bow Hunts

David Bartley
Bill Dondero
Ron Stuart
Carl Rossi
Mike Kelly
Willow Creek Outfitter's

2013 Bow Hunt Report

It is now October and fall is here. The leaves are changing color and our rifle hunts will start soon. We just finished another fantastic bow season for mule deer and again it was an exciting one with many repeat clients and some great bucks harvested.

David Bartley (TX) was here two years ago and missed a buck but he was not going to let that happen to him this time! One arrow on day three of his hunt put his best buck to date on the ground, an old giant that scored 187"! Bill Dondero (LA) harvested a 177" buck with us in 2011 and made an excellent 58 yard shot to take a beautiful 166" this year. Ron Stuart took his first mule deer with a bow, a nice velvet buck that scored 169". Father and son, Rob and Robbie King (TX) were on their first mule deer hunt as well as their first outfitted hunt. By day two they each had harvested a buck and were thoroughly excited at the results of their first guided bowhunt!

After taking a nice buck with us last year, Carl Rossi (PA) brought up his friend Al Ceprano (PA) to try again this fall. On day two Carl made a terrific shot and bettered his 2012 buck he took with us with a big 176" typical. Al Ceprano on day four took his best mule deer to date, a 163" character buck with some neat looking points. Mike Kelly (WI) takes top honours with the best buck of the season, a 195" giant taken at 35 yards on the first day of his first ever mule deer bowhunt. Amazing!

Overall 12 bowhunters took 8 bucks with an average score of 171"! The average shot range was 43 yards and everyone had a shot except for Chris Morris (TX) who harvested a 180" buck with us in 2011 and was trying to better that but was unable to find one during his hunt.

Thanks to everyone who joined us this bow season and to the crew as well that made it all happen. We have four openings still available in 2014 for archery mule deer, so don't delay if this hunt is on your bucket list!

Watch our videos on YouTube. They will give you a feel for the country, animals and the way we hunt here at Willow Creek Outfitters where you will experience "Fair Chase Hunting at it's Finest"! I would like to extend a great thanks to both clients and guides for making the 2012 bowhunting season an unforgettable one!

Your Outfitter,

Andre van Hilten

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past hunting seasons

2012 Hunting Season

Another hunting season is in the books, they seem to come and go faster every year! We had another exceptional year, a full slate of good clients and some great trophy animals that we could pursue. Conditions for the animals in this part of the province has been nothing short of amazing. The animals had no shortage of feed and once again we saw great antler growth on the bucks.

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2012 Bow Hunt Report

We just wrapped up another very successful archery season here at Willow Creek Outfitters! We specialize in trophy mule deer hunts and had 14 bowhunters join us in 2012 on this exciting hunt. We invest endless hours every year scouting and patterning the mule deer before our clients arrive. This pays off huge once the season starts as we can spend less time locating the deer and more time stalking them.

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2011 Hunting Season

Another season has come to an end here at Willow Creek Outfitters. Eleven years now that we have been outfitting here in southwestern Alberta and it was the best year I have seen for antler growth on our deer and beautiful color phased bears. Our hunters took 5 mule deer bucks that scored over 180" and 7 that were in the 170's!

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2011 Bow Hunt Report

We just finished our archery mule deer hunts, and what a season it was! This was by far our best bow season yet, as far as clients harvesting bucks. With good moisture in the spring and early summer this area had quality antler growth! Of the 10 bucks our bowhunters took we have live video footage of 9 of them.

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Thanks to the hunters and guides for making all of our hunting seasons unforgettable!

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