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Willow Creek Outfitters

2012 Bow Hunts

Anthony Templeton
Carl Rossi
Doug Brathol
John Fritz
JR Griffen
Morgan Holm
Willow Creek Outfitter's

2012 Bow Hunt Report

We just wrapped up another very successful archery season here at Willow Creek Outfitters! We specialize in trophy mule deer hunts and had 14 bowhunters join us in 2012 on this exciting hunt.

The best scoring deer was harvested by Anthony Templeton (TX), this buck was a giant that had main beams 26" long and scored 193"! Anthony's friend Morgan Holm (TX) was also very fortunate and arrowed a huge typical buck that scored 185". Anthony and Morgan also hunted with us in 2011 and harvest great bucks that year as well. JR Griffin (OK) and his brother Chuck (TX) came for their first hunt in Alberta, JR made a nice 45 yard shot and connected on an old 6x7 buck that taped out at 177". Carl Rossi (PA) joined us on his first ever spot and stalk mule deer hunt and executed a perfect 25 yard shot and harvested his first mule deer, a 165" non typical that had lots of character. Friends Mark Prestrud (MN) and Doug Brathol (WI) were also successful in harvesting nice bucks, a 173" and 169" respectively and in that same week John Fritz (TX) arrowed a real old buck that was 30 1/4" wide!

The bottom line for our 2012 mule deer bow hunts were as follows; 12 of 14 hunters had shot opportunities which combined for 18 shots that had an average distance of 36 yards. There were 7 bucks successfully harvested and combining the scores we had an average score of 174" and 6 of these 7 bucks were found during our preseason scouting trips. We invest endless hours during the months of July and August every year scouting and patterning the mule deer before our clients arrive. This pays off huge once the season starts as we can spend less time locating the deer and more time stalking them.

Watch our videos on YouTube. They will give you a feel for the country, animals and the way we hunt here at Willow Creek Outfitters where you will experience "Fair Chase Hunting at it's Finest"! I would like to extend a great thanks to both clients and guides for making the 2012 bowhunting season an unforgettable one!

Your Outfitter,

Andre van Hilten

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2011 Hunting Season

Another season has come to an end here at Willow Creek Outfitters. Eleven years now that we have been outfitting here in southwestern Alberta and it was the best year I have seen for antler growth on our deer and beautiful color phased bears. Our hunters took 5 mule deer bucks that scored over 180" and 7 that were in the 170's!

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2011 Bow Hunt Report

We just finished our archery mule deer hunts, and what a season it was! This was by far our best bow season yet, as far as clients harvesting bucks. With good moisture in the spring and early summer this area had quality antler growth! Of the 10 bucks our bowhunters took we have live video footage of 9 of them.

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Thanks to the hunters and guides for making all of our hunting seasons unforgettable!

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